No excuses

You could say I was tired, had jetlag, was sick, or unfocssed, it could be all of them, it could me none of them, either way, I threw like crap last night, and lost. Just like I don't like to blame umpires for my mistakes or bad calls, I am not going to blame a garbage performace on anything or anyone but mysef. I went 4 +, gave up a to many hits soft and hard, a few walks, a hit by pitch or two and just an overall disgusting outing.


This line signifies the change, and me making this something I'm going to put in the past quickly. I don't like to dwell on failure, but instead use it as a learning experience, realize what wasn't working, how to build on the things that did, and come back strong next week.

Time to run today...

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your biggest fan said...

Hey, look at it this way ... every pitcher is allowed one [as you call it]"overall disgusting" outing a year, ... this was yours.

You know this was only a glitch in the system, that's all.