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Hockey bandwagon....

Help me out, I think I might be that guy.

Ok, so I get home for 3 months in the winter for the past few years, and end up sitting behind the tv every 2 to 3 nights to watch two and a half hour hockey game. I don't think I'm that guy. I hop right on the Canucks bandwagon, try to watch all their games, cheer them on and become as much of a fan as possible while I'm here. Does that make me a loser bandwagon jumping guy? I used to make fun of people like myself but.... well in my own defence, at least I'm not one of those real douches that only backs a team if they're winning or make it to the playoffs, I think those are the real bandwagon jumpers.

Go Canucks.

Holy cold...

Holy crap it's freakin cold here. -11.4 celcius right now is about the coldest I've ever experienced in Vancouver. The temperature hasn't popped it's head above the freezing mark in about a week now, and we've had one snowfall of about 6-7 centemeters. Tonight and tomorrow we are forcast to get 10-20 more of the white stuff, which should pretty much make it impossible to commute around this very hill + valley area.

I'm up right now at 7:30am on a saturday morning watching soccer (voetbal fot the dutchies), and I'm not sure why. Shorty took off about 30 minutes ago for a 8 hour stretch of personal softball coaching in Abbotsford. I'm going to take advantage of this very early rise, and hit up the gym for my earliest morning workout of the season.

X-mas... 5 days away. I'm done all my shopping, have been for about a week actually, and now I'm just going to enjoy the holidays, and my crispy new job. It's quite a step down from what I should be doing with a bachelors degree, but I'm going to be working 40 hours a week, and making decent steady money, so that's that. And that's all I'm going to say about that :) Yes I'm a stripper.

Time to have an energy drink and hit up the gym for some cardio, and light weight baseball specific weights.

Incase you weren't sure, I'm not a stripper, but maybe I should be...