I had made a whole writeup from yesterdays game, and the day before with the homerun derby and whatnot, but lost the internet connection right after I started writing it. I tried applying it to the blog when I was done, and spell checked of course, gone. Stupid stupid stupid me didn't copy the text again... dangit.

So now it's 8:47 am in tuesday, and we are about to head out to Doosan (about an hour and a half away). This is our last game here in Korea before we ship over to Beijing tomorrow.

Yesterday we got smoked 10-2 by team Korea, they are pretty solid, hitting and pithing. Our defence faultered some, and hitting was down a bit, I guess overall it was not a great game, but we all agreed that we had improved some from the game before vs. Cuba. So as long as we keep improving, and stepping up the caliber every game, we hope to peak at the right time... we need to peak at the right time.

Heading out to Doosan now, pitures and more later on.

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