Right back at it

Welcome back.

We're in the midst of our stay back in White Rock my Canadian home for the winter. Enjoying our stay so far, and finally getting into the christmas spirit. Getting shopping done is seems to be easier this year then others, probably the fact that Shorty and I shop every day or two, so we have plenty of time to see the malls and get stuff done.

Looking forward to Christmas this year... as always, and the blogging will pick up. promise.

Some semi-recent pics from hanging out with friends...


Blog breakage

Yea, as you can probably tell I've been slowing consistently with my blogs, the amount and the consistency. Not to worry, when I get more computer time I'll be back and blogging, and when more blogworthy stuff happens, I'll be here. Not to say my life over the past couple weeks hasn't been blogworthy, it's just slowed since our amazing road trip, and I can't use Shorty and my computer right now because it's effed up, and we're sending it back for repairs. That pretty much includes our pictures (it would be a bitch to try and download them on my folks old PC here).

Not to worry, the blog may slow for now, but will continue another season. It will follow us from here, to the World Baseball Classic in Florida/ Puerto Rico back to Holland for another season. And many experiences in between.

Till next blog.....


Home sweet home

We made it.

8 days of driving, travel, and good times, and we've finally made it home to little old White Rock, BC. It was a greater time, and smoother trip than I could have ever imagined. We took a bunch of pictures, but will have to wait to post those for a few days until our computer gets fixed of quits screwing up.

Will be posted soon... a photo-blog of an epic road trip.