Super stiff so sore

Alright so we had our first games over the weekend, I pitched saturday. It's a preseason game, and just like all other pitchers and baseball players in the world, you gotta start light, that's what pre-season is all about, that's why I only pitched max of 55 pitches. Which I did. I threw 2 innings, they went well, no runs, 2 k's, 2 bloop hits (for non-baseball fans a bloop is when they hit the ball very weakly, but since the field is very big, there are lots of holes for crappy hits to go). Anyways, they went well, then I came out for the 3rd inning, walked the first guy and gave up a double to the 2nd, and my day was done. I hate ending stuff on a bad note so I decided to make myself pay for it.

The best thing for pitchers after they pitch is to run. It helps get lactic acid out of your arm from all the pitching, and also is about the best conditioning there is. So I ran, and ran and ran, very Forest Gumpish... well not that extreme, but for me it was. I usually tell myself how many poles I will run before I start, I said 10. (Poles are running from one foul pole to the other and back, takes about 1:35, probably about 1000 feet up and back). Anywho, I got to 8 and my team was hitting, and getting into a rally, and I told myself I would run until the rally was over it would be good for me, and it didn't matter since I didn't have to do anything other then run the next day. They went through 2 pitchers and we scored a few runs that inning, needless to say I got in about 18 poles.

I wasn't too damn sore waking up. I figured I would cry. So I went to the field, got there 1 hour early to get my running done before batting practice started. Did some sprints for the first time in... well 2008.( pitching is not as important for starting pitchers as it is for positions players) Well, it went alright, about 35 mins of lunges and sprints, no big deal. By the way, we shit the bed and blew a 9th inning 9-3 lead vs. the top team in Europe who we beat saturday, to tie 9-9.

I needed 3 ibuprofen to get out of bed, almost literally. On top of that getting up super early to rebuild our mound on the field for 4 hours of physical labour. That was bearable, but barely, I think I almost cramped up about 23 times. water, water, water... fixes all.
The evening brings along national team training in Amsterdam. Running and abs for 1 hour. Nothing I haven't done before, but when you're as stiff as I was right before you start this intence stuff, not good. About 50 sprints, some running with weights behind you, bunch of jumps, agility.

Tuesday (tomorrow)=
*starting to cry thinking about it*
Practice tomorrow night, oh that means more running. Eff.

I might just not get out of bed until thursday.



Thanks to Miss Blogspot deleting my whole last hugely gigantic supermassive juggernaut of a post, I am now mad, and will only settle for a couple lines to repeat what I was posting.

I ran through how it is Shorty's first birthday, and our 6th together, and how we have been together an apart for a lot of it. Also, about the crappyness of my giftgiving talents, and realizing how much better life it together with this woman.

I went about explaining pretty much every last detail of her birthday today, 19 days after our marriage, from waking to shopping, to traffic to a wierd but good greek food experience.

Anyways, I'm just straight up mad at you blogspot. You don't even deserve a miss or Mr. in front anymore, I might just shorten it to BS if you keep up this deleting my posts after I just try and shorten the space between my writing and picture dammit!

But still, happy bithday sweety! If 'Nobody loves you when you're 23'...then it's a damn good thing you're 24.


By popular demand..

Due to an influx of messages and emails about how people want to see more and more pictures of our honeymoon I put together this little thingy. Here's some more photo's from our honeymoon in Jamaica. It was freakin awesome. Captions are found above the photo's... just incase someone couldn't figure that one out.

Gotta love an open bar for 7 days, with whatever you want, and quick Jamaican's ready to mix you something. On top of that, they aren't allowed to accept tips. We we're trying to get some picture effects like deanink.blogspot.com ... can never be that good though ;)

One of our favorite pictures from the week for sure. They had the most amazing sunsets. About half our pics have sunsets in them I think.

Snorkelling was awesome. Unfortunetely we didn't discover it until the last couple days, but it was just amazing, especially for a biology major and someone whose taken marine biology classes... not me, Shorty.

My wife + Strawberry Daquiry + Jamaica = Can't go wrong

Beaches, Sandy Bay, Negril. Our room was top floor on the far right building, amazing views.

Our night time entertainment. Pool room with it's own bar, and pretty much no one was ever in there, so we had a bar (and bartender) and free pool as much as we wanted, our dream.

Ok, the other table sometimes had people, but they were missing a ball, and only had one cue, they they usually lasted for about 10 mins then took off. Shorty just hit a triple combo, and isn't posing...

Trying different camera settings, found a cool blue night life one.

Yea, hard-freakin-core. Right before we flipped over backward into the water. Amazingly, you can see the coast in the background, we are parked over the coral, and the sand is no deeper then 12 feet all the way to the coast from here. Could have swam back.

Chillin in the swimming area, messing around, it wasn't warm water, but really really close.

This is me on the river-walk. It was awesome, included cliff jumping (my forte), swimming holes, under water channels (Shorty hit that one, I passed), waterfalls, crazy huge bamboo forest, and some delicious Jamaican chicken for dinner.

Me and the orb of light.

Shorty and I doing a little beach spinning, and not giving a F what people think about it because we won't be in front of sunsets like this often.

Sun kisses from my baby.

Right before we played catch on the beach. Partially to keep my arm in shape, and to have some fun. Oh, and, of course, right at the end of tossing the ball around right on the edge of the water (there was no where else to throw) I tried scooping a ball out of the sand, and my brand new (thankfully free) glove flew off, directly into a incoming wave. Needless to say, we didn't throw again, the glove wasn't dry for 3 days, and I have yet to get all the sand out of the fingers.

Shorty checking out the pre-sunset. It's about 6, when the sun drops out from behind those clouds, it takes about 15 minutes to dissapear behind the horizon.

Some pretty amazing lighting from the sunset. We were just messing with the camera's (yea we have 2 digi's now for some reason), so we popped this one on the beach right before dinner, while enjoying a couple Pina-colada's.

We started dressing up more and more for the evenings. Here we are sitting on the terrace after dinner, enjoying the entertainment on the stage across the pool. They had this one band play about 3 nights out of the time we were there. Such amazing raggae, the guy would walk around the whole place singing Marley songs with people, and just other random raggae, good stuff.
Having a look at the water pre-sunset... Shorty and I are a fan of the back-lit.


Honeymoon Pictures

The honeymoon. Such a great time with my WIFE in Jamaica!! Here's just a little taste of our trip. We took tons of pics, but Mr. blogspot won't let me load more then one at a time on here, so screw it, here's our best few.


Unpacking/ packing/ laundry frenzy

Yea, not much time to write today or tomorrow. We left ourselves 2 full days to unpack, laudry it up, then repack... and do a lot of random shit in between. We spent about 700 bones today on wedding presents from gift cards we've received and ramdom monies accepted.
We got tons of stuff, mostly for when we have our own kitchen (can't wait to be realistically excited to actually use it).

Anywho, nuff for now, I think the ol' blog might have to wait a few days until we get settles back in in Holland. Until then, cheers.


What a day

It all went off without a hitch. The perfect day, with the perfect people surrounding me/us. And just altogether perfectness of the whole day.

I don't have much time to get at this since I'm writing on the laptop, on the beach in Jamaica right now, and would rather enjoy one of the most amazing sunsets ever seen by myself. So I'm going to go ahead and cut this short, and just promise to write more later, and steal some pics of the wedding from the photographers, my sister, our radom cameras from ont he tables, and other peoples submitted pics.


Webternet baseball stalkers

So I came across this website, and decided to go ahead and search my own name on the baseball-reference search engine because it had a few people I know on there. It was crazy what popped up. I had no idea people could find this much out about me just looking online. Check it out if you're interested.



Big night

Tonight is our engagements' second mixed gender bachelor/bachlorette party. We are heading out to the local bar -- Hoops -- for a little shindig with Jeana's siblings and friends. No idea what the plan is after that... maybe the Casino, maybe a bar in Kansas, all the local hotspots!

Hopefully we'll get some pictures up here soon.