Win over Canada

Today, we knocked off the Canucks. We played a great game, defensively we were solid, pitching was solid, and hitting was the best we have had all summer. Everyone in the starting lineup had a hit but 1 or 2 guys. Brian Engelhaart and Sidney deJong both hit homeruns against a team comprised of mainly ex-major leaguers or triple A players. They are strong, and will defenitely be a force when the tournament starts on wednesday though. Our 18 year old, Sulbaran, started. He went 4 innings giving up the only 3 runs, then our new addition Dave Draijer came in for 2 scoreless innings before the rains came in the top of the 7th. We had only planned on playing 7, so the only loss was not getting Michiel Van Kampen 1 extra inning of work. Either way, we won 8-3. We're now 1-1-1 vs. Canada since I've been with the Netherlands team. Then again these are just exhibition games, the game that matters against them will be the 16th, that's when we have them in the Olympics.

Other then this, today was a lay low day. We had a bright and early breakfast, then not much until lunch, I took some time with Tiny to bike around the village a pop some pictures (check post below). Tomorrow we have early training, then are heading to watch the womens softball game in the evening, they play the home squad, so there should be a fair amount of people there, but we aren't sure if it's really popular here or not, we'll see.

Anyways, here's some pictures from today's game and pre-game, enjoy.

Waiting to get into the changeroom. They kind of messed us all around today, we didn't get to change into our uniforms until the Korean team was done practicing (at 6) which was supposed to be the starting time of our game. Another thing, we are the only baseball team that needs to arrive, and leave in our olympic clothing instead of just our baseball uni, because of our entire olympic teams' deal with Asics. always wear it, unless we are participating in our sport. No comment.

Us getting into the changeroom, finally.

Our team doctor Henk chatting it up with one of the 5 medical staff at the feild, finding out how to get to the forbidden city or something. Also, in the background, Yurendell deCaster talking with one of the about 75 feild crew guys

How about this. For TV purposes, we need to only have 1 logo of our brands we wear. If there happens to be more than that, we must cover it with black tape, how about those rules. We have to play by them, but still, holy crap, click on this to get the bigger version and see for yourself how rediculous this will play out to be.

Shairon Martis, ie. the guy who threw the no-hitter in the world baseball classic. He is a great guy, only 21 and is already pitching in triple A, not far from getting called up to the big leagues with the Washington Nationals

Centerfielder Eugene Kinsale (Kingy, or Gene) with the huge building in the background, it's quite the backdrop also since it surrounds the leftfield wall all the way out to center field too

Closeup of Kingy about to hit a tiple (which he did on the next pitch)...

Danny Rombley, todays right fielder, getting a solid hit to center

Our catcher Sidney deJong. I would say he's one of the leaders of our team definetely, been around for a while, and is as good of a player as we have. He hit a homerun in the 6th inning also which was icing on the cake to make it 8-3

Yurendell deCaster (our 3 hole hitter today) at bat vs. Canada

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