'Bout that time...

I'm heading back to Holland tomorrow... the blogging will kick off then. Be ready, be very ready.


Road-trippin' again...

Were heading back.

On the road again. Frappe la rue. Shorty and I are heading back to Oklahoma tomorrow morning, making pretty much the same trip just in the opposite direction as we made in early November. We got the oil changed, tires rotated, car washed and cleaned and are ready to get back on the road Oklahoma bound.

It took us about 9 days on the way here, but we are making an abbreviated version of our drive on the way back, trying to squeeze 3000 miles (5000km) into 5-6 days. It's very possible, but we will need to drive more and party in vegas, sight see, stop for tarantulas, stop for ocean views, stop for amazing photo's less.

Looking forward to the drive. Plans are that I'm flying out of Tulsa on the 1st of February, and will train and practice with both Neptunus and the national team from the 1st until team Netherlands leaves for Florida.

I'll have more from when we get there... then expect an influx of posts starting upon arrival in Holland.

Looking forward to that...


Some Holiday pictures with the family... and zoo

Our wonderful christmas tree, covered in gifts. This year we created, albeit late, a competition to see who had the worst wrapped gift. My dad's used bag with a post-it note barely edged out my sister's used/ripped xmas bag with 2x crossed out to+from tags.

This is our forest downstairs, I like it, family hates it. It was put up in the 70's by whoever owned our house before us, and I think they may have been stoners.

The wife and I messing around on New Years eve. She's oddly growing a new hand out of the top of her head.

One of my dad's only christmas jobs, lighting the fire. Other fatherly dutie's include growing an awesome beard, setting up his new office and being one of the best humdinger's in the world.

Just a good old father - daughter snow brawl... winner = daughter.

Shorty and I with my folks on a snowy boxing day (26th)...

A family shot right before the father - daughter snow brawl. We have a family tradition to be together around christmas if possible, and when we're together, no matter what the weather throws at us we go out for nature walks. This was an extremely snowy christmas so the walks were quite enjoyable for yours truly, a snow lover at heart.

Roo (sister's pup) loves chasing snow balls and eating them more than anything, it's just about the greatest and funniest thing ever. You can take the smile off your face watching her chase snow...

My wife took this beauty, the trees looked quite amazing, and somehow looked taller with all the snow.

A quality ma-son picture in the forest.

Had to pop a picture with the white in the background on my first (first one I can remember) white Christmas. It's something I sadly hope for every year, but never neem to get. My prayers were answered in the way of a record setting december for snow in Vancouver.

The zoo. We always enjoy their company around the holidays. For some ready they really really love boxes.

Rooster Mclooster, everyones gift.

My sister, I think she may have enjoyed her new apron. We got it custom made, and she wanted it to appear like the 50's. I think we did well.