Final flares

I'm getting to see some baseball (semi-finals yesterday, and todays finals) and doing some things before we take off in 2 days. Tomorrow is our closing ceremony, and we have some part in it, which I don't know anything about at this point. I slept in nice and long the past couple mornings making up for the 7 - 9 am breakfast times we've had to endure the past 4 weeks.

I've been downloading pictures, and skyping all day so I've had enough of this computer for now. I don't feel like posting a picture blog since it will take another hour or something, so I'm hoping to get that done tomorrow, or later on tonight.

Time to shower and head to Wukesong to see Cuba take on Korea for the baseball gold medal. Speaking of gold medals, I got to hold my first one yesterday, and damn they're nice... maybe someday.

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