Happy Birthday Dad

My dad had his 40th birthday yesterday..... actually he may be a little older than that but who's counting anyways. For those of you who don't know my father, he's the reason I'm at where I'm today in baseball and as a man.

He took me out nearly every day from ages 8-17 to play catch, go to practices or games. He was my coach growing up, and still gives me hints, and ideas about pitching and strategy.

He's done so much in his life from somewhat the same path I've taken, playing a professional sport in Holland (ice hockey) for a few years where he met my mom. He is now a Doctor of Biology, and is back playing hockey a few times a week, rumor has it he's faster the Gretzky these days.

Happy Birthday dad.

Couple shots of Sean/dad/pops/father and I on Jeana and my wedding day in march...

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Anonymous said...

Well, what a surprise to see a few pics of me on your blog site Leon, totally unexpected... along with your birthday wishes, very much appreciated. Fathers and sons do things together that tie them together and I guess baseball was our glue. It was a fun glue, a great ride, I enjoyed every minute. Now, given that your 25th is just around the corner, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too big guy! Luv, Coach errr I mean Dad