hy oh why did I write a blog about dogs anal glands last night?

And why was it so long?

And why did I attach a f-ing picture? (I guess you're welcome for it being only in cartoon though)

I need to change my blog objectives for the time being to= I'm going to write random shit, just be prepared.


Ya learn something new every day...

Anal glands.

So I learned all about these in the past couple days. For those of you who knew as much as I did about these a couple days ago here's what I just learned all about. Not to worry, you don't have a gland somewhere you didn't know about, humans don't have anal glands. But I did learn a whole lot about how dogs have them, and what grossness, but necessity it entails to pay attention to them.

Alright, so for those of you who don't know, Shorty was training to be a vet for quite some time so she dealt with all sorts of animals and their problems (90% dogs). Anyways, somehow our conversation led to upkeep and whatnot of hounds. Did you know that dogs have anal glands on either side of the inside of their dog booty-holes, and for some dogs they need to be drained?? I know, f-ing nasty, specially since we watched some youtube video about it yesterday, and the lady explained how much it stinks to do it.

So Shorty just (10 minutes ago) went ahead and drained her dogs (2 schnauzers) butt's. mmmmmm... learning experience, let's leave it at that. Good to know though. Because some dogs will have them get all swollen and they become explosive which is (from what i've heard from Shorty at the vet) one of the most nasty f-ing things in recorded history.

But Deaner, don't go trying to get after this with Roo, Shorty informed me that it's not necessary for all dogs, only certain ones, and they will give you hints (drag their butts more then normal, suddenly sit when they normally wouldn't).

Anyways, thanks the freakin lord we don't have anal glands, that would make for the most awkward doctor's visits.


Me on man-manicures

What's the big deal? Yea it may be a girly thing to get done, but I think there are certain instances that a guy can get a manicure.

A. He has a very very very special occasion coming up, and will be photographed a lot and need the phalanges and nails looking top notch.

B. He has fairly nasty nails, and/or cuticles so he just plain ol' needs it done.

C. He is man model or hand model.

My reason would be A..... aaaaand Shorty would say B too, but I disagree, I thought they were more the Rugged - I work 14 hour days in the steel mill - Derek Zoolanders dad and brothers - look. But I'll tell you what, either way I got it done, and I don't even give a care what anyone thinks, because they look f-ing legit.


Our wedding gifts

We're losers. We went ahead and got eachothers wedding gifts with one-another, and they are similar. Actually very similar, so similar that, well screw it, let me just tell you they're both Watches. Yea, we got eachother watches... haha. But it's not as rediculous as you might be thinking, actually we thought it was a great idea. Our thoughts= "We're buying eachother something very meaningful (we both love watches), something we know the other will definetely like, and they are not rediculously pricy".

*Pencil for showing actualy sizing, please note the gerth. (Mine's on the right if you hadn't gotten that)

They are Fossil brand, they have been our favorites since we met. I like it specially because of the gerth, and it's sheer coolness. I only say we are losers, because we were so pumped about them, we wore them out of the store.


WBC 2009

We (Netherlands national baseball team) have recently been invited to the 2009 World Baseball Classic. It's a very nice honor, and was fairly expected for our team because of our recent success of the world baseball stage -- 2nd in the Intercontinental cup (Taiwan 2006) -- 1st in the European Championships (Barcelona 2007) -- 4th in the Baseball World Championships (Taiwan 2007).

I'm looking forward to in personally, as most of my teammates told me how well treated and professionnal the tournament was run. Including personal rooms for the players, and a 100o$ credit card for 1 week of food instead of hotel food all the time. Not bad, they compared it to the Olympics (which many of them have experienced already).

Expecting I will play in that tournament (no guarentees at this level of baseball, but I'd like to think I've earned it), I am looking forward to competing against major league hitters, and pitchers. We would most likely be placed in the bracket played in San Juan, vs. teams like the Domincan Republic, Panama, and Puerto Rico.

Anyways, It's good news, and my first big thing to look forward to in 2009.



Today was boring as shit. Shorty (Fiance) worked all afternoon, and got worn out. I'm actually writing this resting the laptop on her legs while she's napping.

Went for a run this morning, and then went channel surfing through about 10 diffrent NCAA basketball games for a couple hours. lotsa fun.

We're grilling some chicken with mushrooms, pepper jack cheese and some other mouthwatering stuff. It's going to be nearly as good, and about 23 times cheaper then the food we ate in Paris, so it's all good.

For all of you who have been asking me about this being a more baseball oriented blog, not to worry, once I start team practices and games get going it will be a lot more about my outings, the workouts, maybe teammates and coaches, we'll see. I feel there's just nothing interesting about my workouts to get in depth about right now.

Oh yea, it's finally warming up here in Oklahoma... about 60 tomorrow (around 15-17 celcius of my non-american friends). Hell yea, just partially getting us ready for Jamaica in 2 weeks and 2 days.


Just another day

*Picture not taken today

Yea it snowed today while I did my long-tossing, but you know what, I didn't even give a care. I know that as long as I get warm enough, and have under-armour and a sweater on I'm good to go.

Strange to think about though, the last time I threw a baseball in Oklahoma was in the sophmore (second year) of college, and I blew out my arm that day, pitching, in the snow. Bad thoughts, but a good learning lesson to get as warm as physically possible before picking up a ball for that first throw.

I have kind of a unique throwing program. I don't really need someone to throw with. I have a bucket full of baseballs (plastic piece-of-shit balls I bought when I got here), I find a ballpark, and throw into the backstop, that simple. I back up a few feet after every couple throws, eventually making it to the center field fence for we call long-toss. It strengthens the arm muscles needed to throw harder and also works on throwing mechanics.

Get some running in after (usually stairs, but not today because they are still covered by sheets of ice), and mix in a normal pushup, situp, lunge, and plyometrics program. It all takes about 2- 2 1/2 hours out of the day.

Now I'm showered dressed and I'm going suprise Shorty at work. Maybe, get some Chili's food... mmmmm


Plenty of Pix

Shorty and I have gone through about 934875 pictures of her youth from 0-18 in the past 24 hours. Tons of memories and forgotten times. We're doing this to put together a slideshow for our wedding reception. Sooooo many pics...

Yeah, so, um we've gone through 1 box of these.

Don't get stuff like this where I'm from

Sheets of ice ^

upposed to get my throwing program in today, but the weather had other ideas again. It's about 30 Farenheit (-1 celcius for my canadian friends), and it just rains and rains, and the freezing barrier here is cooler at ground level then just above, so the rain hits everything and freezes into a sheet of ice. Shitty for me keeping the ol arm in shape, but It should be alright in a day or two.

The pics are of our new wheels, 08 Civic Hybrid, it's pretty GD awesome. Taking some getting used to, and feels like I'm driving a plane with the millions of buttons in it because of the loaded version we got, but it's all worth it. Anyways, you can kind of see the sheets of ice on the car...



Other then the greatness of being with my beautiful and wonderful fiance for our remaining time before the wedding, another fan-freakin-tastic thing about Oklahoma is that I can find Molson Canadian at all liquor stores here for cheaper then I'd pay at home back in Canada.

I might send some home with my family after the wedding.

Our obvious observation

It's so nice to know that my fiance Shorty I are on the same page, and in the same mindset about so many things.
For instance, after our fantastic feast of a dinner last night at Chili's -- all free might I add just because Shorty knows how to kiss-ass with the management at chili's by picking up extra shift's when asked -- well, we were driving home and just chatting about stuff and realizing that throughout the whole time sitting there at Chili's, we didn't stop talking, and we're usually like that.
You see couples all around you just sitting there, together, not even conversing with their significant others, so quiet, sitting there, just being there, I mean what the F people? at least talk about the menu or something...

The holy shit moment...

Shorty and I were sitting here last night, just messing around on the computer, and partially watching Night at the Museum on HBO -- instead of a romantic comedy that we rented No Reservations -- when we realized that there is 17 days remaining until our wedding. She mentionned "Do you realize we're in the teens in days until we get married?" We just stared at eachother for about 5 seconds, and then shared a loving chuckle. It's good to know that pretty much everything has been taken care of, we just need to polish up some of the little things leading up to the big day.

On a random note, we rented that movie for two days, and took it back last night because it was due by mid-night... never even watched it. We just kinda gave eachother a look and said..."Meh".


If you've got some time...

Just want to throw these links out there for any of you who haven't seen me pitch. Here are some webcasts of the World Championships. This is our must win game vs. Korea, I started and to ruin the suprise ending we won 5-1... check it out at =

Also, the bronze medal game is online. So you can check out some more of me in action here=


Life's little freebies

Gotta love the random suprises in life, specially when they come right when you need them.

For instance, the other day I was asking Shorty if we would be able to get our wedding videotaped, which we previously hadn't thought would be too important. The next day the lady who is taking care of our flowers called us up. She told us a couple she knows, a well qualified couple (TV camerapeople), is looking to get into Wedding Videography. So we were like, huh, sweet, good deal, then she said they want to do a few weddings, free of charge, to get a some work in before they start charging people. And guess what... We're guinea-pigs numero uno.

Hell Yea.


Oklahoma weather

So, it seems to me that Mr. Inclement weather seems to peak his freezing rainy head through the door when I'm just about to train here. I want to run this morning = pooooooooring rain. Oh, and for some reason it freezes when it hits the ground. I mean... alright, I could run in the rain, but if it turns into a sheet of ice ain't to easy though.

Vancouver (Canada) is about the rainiest city in the world (200 days of rain on average per year), but every time I needed to go out and throw or run, it seemed to be a 3 hour break of rainless overcast. Perfect for me to get my workouts in, I think Canada is just telling me how much it loves me, how nice.

We'll see if it's dry a little later.


Numero Uno

I begin to wonder where to start my first blog... Let me go ahead and let you know where I'm at in my life right now.

Shorty (fiance) and I are getting married in 3 weeks from Saturday. We're pumped.

Headin' off to Jamaica for a week of all-inclusive awesomeness on our honeymoon.

Shorty and I are then peacing out, and making the trip back overseas to the wonderful land of tulips, windmills, good drivers, 35 cent ketchup packets at mcdick's and legal weed (but illegal for yours truly due to the international rules of my sport). Baseball. That's pretty much the scenario at this moment.

I will get after this blog a lot more in the coming days, weeks, months and maybe years (we'll see). I have a shitload of time to get after training while Shorty is at work until we wed which will be nice, cuz I need to be getting prepped for my upcoming season in the Dutch major leagues.

Thanks to http://www.deanink.blogspot.com/ for guiding me to start my own blog, just an easy way to epress random thoughts, whether they be nice, thoughtful, distasteful, loverly, angry, about baseball, life, and relationships.