I've got a golden ticket !!

I was just gifted with this wonderful suprise handed down by 2 teammates. I am going to head out to the Bird's Nest in about 20 minutes to see the track events.

We all put our dibs in on what events we want tickets to, 2 days in advance, and I asked for athletics. They only have a certain amount of tickets to give out to athletes, so even though our player asked for about 20 track event tickets for tonight, we only got 2. They were handed down to me first my Jeroes Sluijter who already has tickets to the field hockey (Netherlands women in the semi-finals), and Tiny who already has plans tonight to see his girlfriend who travelled to China.

I'll have time to update todays game tomorrow with some pictures. We lost 10-0 to undefeated Korea, it was the 5th time we got shutout in our 7 games.

Time to go have an experience with 91,000 other people that I'll never forget.

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Danny Van de Velde said...

Hello Lion, Christel&Danny from Pioneers here. Just heard about the blog on the pioneers site.We are on vacation in tenerife, and watcht the baseball game's on NOS by satelite (canaldigitaal). We are very proud that a old Pioneer becoming an olympic participant. All the best to you and the team there in China, and i hope to see you in Hoboken for a game of the play-off.