A dry rainout, then a real rainout

We got to the feild and found out they had cancelled our afternoon axhibition game against Canada, which was alright because we kind of knew it was coming from the non-stop annoying rain we received all morning. So we practicced, about 2-4, packed up and headed home. It takes roughly 25 minutes to get from the field back, but right when we took off it started raining pretty hard.

It absolutely poored the whole way back we nearly hydroplaned a couple of times because our driver was in some kind of hurry, until we all pretty much let me know what we were thinking, as did the teammanager. So we got back, about 1 hour ago, and the rain had subsided some, that is until we got through the security checkpoint... then the monsoon started harder then it had yet. We all waited a couple minutes then said screw it, and took off on our merry way. We all got back completely 110% wet, dripping, bags soaked through, shoes felt like we had been walking in the ocean.
Now we have to turn around and head back out that way to get some dinner, I can't wait.

We have rescheduled our game vs. Canada until tomorrow, another 7 inning affair to get pithers their work, and get the team going again. Our first game is on the 13th against Taiwan, and we need to me ready to go.


Rob van Mil said...

Haha bicycles! Can you get any more Dutch? Good luck over there to all the guys, and make sure you bring home a medal for Loek (and for the other 16,499,999 people over here). It's been a dissapointment, but I'll still be watching all your games live of course.

Cheers Rob

Annette said...

Hey Leon,
Following you closely..remember when you practiced pitching in the backyard with your Dad? I said I wanted a signed baseball when you get famous! How about it? Glad to see you living your dream. Some great shots of you.
All the best,
Annette & Girls