There isn't much to say about today, we got shutout, again. 6-0 today, 7-0 yesterday, and 5-0 on opening day. Things went south in a hurry tonight, they scored 4 in the top of the first before we even had a chance to hit. We managed 4 hits, and overall were pretty much all around outplayed. I decided to lay low of the picture taking, because I though maybe it would mix things up. You see, I'm a pretty superstitious person when it comes to baseball (which I've written about in previous blogs). I took some pictures during the first 2 games we played here, and we happened to lose both of those. So I figured switching it up can't hurt... turns out it wasn't the pictures afterall.

Tomorrow we play the home team, China. They are only in the tournament because they are hosting it, but are a tough team, as they showed today by beating Chinese Taipei in extra innings.

Onto other things, how about Micheal Phelps?? Wow, he's a gifted swimming machine isn't he. We were joking about having him in our lineup right now, and he would probably go 4 for 4, or if he pitched he would dominate likely. I haven't seen him in the Olympic Village, so I think he is staying in a hotel outside somewhere. A few of the more famous athletes are staying in hotels such as Federrer and Novitski, but the dream team is staying in the village though.

I want to thank all of you who are reading the blog on a regular basis, it's nice to know people are following us and are behind us while we're here. If anyone has any questions, comments, or blog suggestions, please don't hesitate to write them on a comment somewhere, it's all appreciated.

Well, we are all just trying to stay positive, and hopefully we can put up a few wins here in the next 4 games to give us a chance at a medal. Just a few pictures from today...

This is the food layout we are provided with in the clubhouse (take a door from the inside of our dugout into here), they keep it stocked, and when I say they I mean the little chinese fella's, who are about the nicest people ever. All the workers are always positive, they know some english, and are fun to be around actually

Tha Japanese taking batting practice, on the clearest day we've experienced since being in Beijing. I didn't see any smog anywhere, it was awesome

Tiny about to head out and catch the ceremonial "first pitch" thrown to him by the owner of Mizuno. Also Hubby talking to Michiel Van Kampen, whose sister is also in the olympics as a softball pitcher

Some of the guys before the game, trying to stay loose, and the bleachers starting to fill up around the outfield. We had probably about 10,000 spectators, and good ones, they had the complete stadium wave going at one point


dean said...

Won't be able to check your blog for a few days, but I'll be thinking about you...

Always staying positive for you, my dear brother.

Kare said...

Chin up,
You guys can do it! I love love love the blog, it is my daily internet visit. Glad to hear you are enjoying things there. We can't wait to hear about it all in person!
:) Give 'er shit

FritZ said...

Hi Leon, I just discovered your blog as I saw the link on the website of Neptunus.

Intereting to see what it is all about for you in Beijing. Hopefully you will be in the line up as starting pitcher soon.

Greetings from Freek, a Neptunus fan

stef w. said...

Mr. Boyd,

I would like to thank you sincerely for the ONLY complete coverage about what u guys are up to. The NOS studio sport guys show some random innings and a crappy recap, only for us to watch some ******* non-sport where no dutch athlete even competes in. Really appreciate the effort, like your style.
Good luck out there.

Stef Walsma (Pim's brother)

Anonymous said...

I am still checking your blog, every day. Your comments are very positive. That's a compliment to you. I hope your team can keep the spirit up allso!
Come on guys, I know you can do it!!!

Carien van Mil