Olympic village ride through

The Olympic village is a small 1km x 1kn area, and this is just a couple pictures of the area... there's too many to add to this post, especially because our internet is faultering right now. check them out, we are head out to play Canada in our last exhibition game now, wish us luck.

I'm posing in front of the giant mascots, and yea, that's my sweet new bike, kinda shaky but does the job.

This is the average village housing units... it looks just like this everywhere. They made it a beautiful place with statues and random ponds and sculptures all over

This is on the way back from the dining hall to our apartment. It's always full of different types of people, colours, and countries... pretty neat to see all the varieties

Martijn on his bike in front of thise little monument, quite a photographed area I guess. Just one of many areas like this in the small village

This is located right on the corner where the Great Britain team is located, making them feel at home I guess.

This is the cool little monument at the east gate. Same one Tiny posed if front of above, but the back side

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dean said...

I think you could fit one of those bikes in that telephone booth.