The last few days

After Thursdays’ events we (Jeana and I) went into Friday with a new outlook.

Friday night we attended the Rotterdam Topsports’ gala. It was a bit of a celebration for the Olympic athletes that reside in Rotterdam. There were only 16 present, but more live in the area. It was well run, and we even received a free night at a fancy Rotterdam hotel with a dinner included. At the end of the night, we exited to a bunch of orange flowers, and q large frame with a photo of me pitching in the Olympics. It was a nice night, and took some fond memories home of it.

Saturday we had our 2nd game since we've retuned. We had to travel to Haarlem to play the league leading Haarlem team, and lost 2-0. Diego Markwell pitched for us; he's a former double A Blue Jays pitcher. Anyways, we we're dead on offence, but we made up more than enough for that the next day. Saturday was also my 25th birthday, and it was a good one (other than the loss) and we celebrated by having a nice dinner out with a few friends and cousins and moved onto a couple places for some more drinks and music. We had a great time, except for an Irish pub playing Dutch music... booo.

Sunday we had a home game against the same 1st place ballclub, and we destroyed them beat them by the mercy rules in 8 innings 14-4. Our offence woke up, and welcomed out new cleanup hitter Sharnol Adriana to the lineup who went 1/3 with a double a 2 hit by pitches. Sharnol (37) is the veteran 3-hole hitter on the national team, and plays most of the season in the Mexican professional league. He hits the crap out of the ball. It's good to have him on board moving into the last stretch of the season and into the playoffs. In the evening we had some pizza, and then we finally went to see Batman the dark knight. Jeana had already seen it, but since I was in China for a month, I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. It was pretty awesome. Jeana and Leon = 2 thumbs up.

Today we woke up around 11, and had a nice oatmeal breakfast with a home-blended fruit drink and are now sitting here next to each other, me blogging, and her reading her current book "Memnoch the Devil" the 5th book in The Vampire Chronicles, The series including "Interview with the Vampire".
Today also marks our return to the gym, and Hans the trainer, that'll be... painful, but necessary. He's going to kick my ass today, but the truth is, I'm looking forward to sweating ass right off. After we return from the gym in the late afternoon/early evening we'll shower and get freshened up in time to get some shopping done at the AH for dinner and the next couple of days. Tonight we are going to sit down, and get behind the TV and watch back-back-back... episode of one of our favorite shows, Heroes, season 2. We got into it last year, but just the first season. So we're going to be nerds and do that.

Tomorrow we play a makeup game vs. HCAW at home. A little gym action in the afternoon, and just enjoying life in Holland with Jeana...


Jezz said...

Hey cuz,

What happened to the few pictures you took before the camera ran out of batt???
Are they that horrible??
Can you mail them to me??

Greetz, Jess

Leon 44 said...

No worries... they are on the way. I'm being lazy about downloading stuff...

Thomas said...


I just wanted to thank you for blogging. I came across your blog, when I searched for some information about the olympic baseball tournament and the Dutch national team and since then enjoy reading about your experiences.

Perhaps your team draws Buchbinder Legionäre Regensburg again in next years european cup so that I will be able to see you play in Regensburg for a 2nd time.
Good luck for the playoffs!