Some workout pictures

You can see the large version of the pictures by clicking on them.

Me.... about to catch

Diego and I getting a little throwing in outside the gym

Getting some info from the team manager Kees

Our backpacks are just one of the 5 different sized and shaped bags we've recieved with the Olympic team

The weightroom facility

Our trainer/physio singing is ass off out the window at some scared Korean lady. I guess they don't hear much dutch music here

Throwing some more

Funny story. This little fella is the guy who sits on the front of the rowing boat and yells at the guys to row. He was trying to convince Alex smit (Left handed pitcher) here that baseball players don't need gloves, because his brother plays university cricket in England and they don't use gloves. He also stated that our team was not in shape, and that baseball was a subpar sport. What a funny little 80 pounder...

Dropping down and throwing a little submarine too

A few of the guys telling Jack Hubbard (coach) about the rowing dork we had just met

The throw before this diego threw a pretty dirty curveball, it bounced before me, and got by me. It got scary when I saw that the ball was heading directly for a 3 year old kid who wasn't moving despite looking right at the ball. Luckily it hit a bench right before him...


Anonymous said...

Do I detect a strange head-shave-job, or is your new nickname going to be "Patchy McGee"? If this is premature balding due to Olympic stress, I apologize and retract all comments. Love.


theoddbod said...

did you throw a fastball at that rowing yeller dude and see if he could catch it with his bare hands?