Travel day, and introduction to the Olympic village

We made it, and holy crap, this place is amazing. We have been in the village for 4 hours, and I've already seen a few famous athletes, and a lot of amazing stuff... Unfortunetely our internet connection is pretty rough, so I'm struggling to upload pictures if any. It takes a while, and most of the time it fails. I'll try and put up as many as I can for now though.
Day 1 in Beijing

The Seoul airport, pretty neat place...

Beijing airport, myself riding the train, the driver was all over the place slowing down and speeding up for a good solid 8 minutes, I almost upchucked

Heading in the bus to the Olympic village... riding in the Olympic lane... only used by Olympic personnel. The other 2 lanes were a traffic jam.

Security checkpoint to get into the village... serious shit, just like an airport

Few of the antillian dutchies waiting for the bus to take us to tower A9 (our building) and check into our rooms for the first time

Our whole team occupying a bus on the way to our building, checking out the scenery and amazing village

The dining hall... holy shit, massive place. Can seat 10 thousand people easily. Saw a couple famous athletes (Cat Osterman (USA softball ace), Nalbandian(tennis player I guess)). Every kind of food you can think of, and McDonalds of course.

Free drinks... any and all we can drink, these fridges (iceboxes) are everywhere. We also received a coke chip, to get free drinks from any beverage machine in the olympic village... awesomeness.


Folkwin said...

Hey Leon,
Just found out about your blog. Fun stuff to read and watch! Enjoy your time in China and good luck in all the games.
Grtz, Folkwin.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. That's all, just: oh man.

AASUPirateSports said...

Good luck in the Games, we'll be watching for you in the opening ceremonies for sure on Friday!

Bob Sagget said...

Yung sze sze,

Remember I'll be watching your ass. You better take the pitching staff bij the hand, cause when I'm watching at 3 am over here I want to see proper ball, thats why I wake up!!

Take good care and give TJ a big kiss....

holla at my classified boy


Kate said...

Hi there, I'm a Canadian (with Dutch heritage) and I love reading your experience preparing for the Olympics and being at the Olympics! I write a blog with my sisters and I hope you don't mind if I feature your blog today!

Word Perv said...

Good luck. I'm American so I can't cheer for you TOO much. ;)

Great blog and keep adding the pics - it's cool to see get an insider's view!