...Actually monsoon out would be the better description. It looks like it rained all of last night, because we were told at breakfast that the game had already been cancelled. Instead we had a bit of a messed up situation with 3 separate practices in different venues for separate parts of the team. 4 pitchers went out with 2 catchers to get bullpens in, the other 6 pitcher's who weren't to throw today went to a gym. The position players went 1 hour later to a indoor field somewhere, they still aren't back yet.

We leave for Seoul tomorrow morning, not unhappy to put this hotel behind us at all. Looking forward to a few tough games coming up. We play Cuba tomorrow afternoon, Korea the next day, and The Doosan Bears, a pro team from here in Korea. Tomorrow we will also be attending the Korean all-star game after ours, but before that there will be a homerun derby. 3 sluggers from the Korean team, Netherlands, and Cuba will battle it out down to 2 homerun hitters, and they will have the final in the middle of the 5th inning during the all-star game tomorrow evening. Yea, they have a 10-15 minute break in the 5th inning of each game to fix the feild... only in Asia. It's rediculous to us. Pitcher gets cold, position players get out of their rhythm, and it's just awaste of time, baseball is meant to have bad hops!

Hopefully it's not raining 2 and half hours away in Seoul, everyone is itching to play.

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