Game 1, Netherlands vs. Chinese Teipei

We had a bit of a rough one today. We lost 5-0 to Chinese Taipei.

We were good, they were strong. They had only 3 more hits then us, but they were very timely strikes, and they capitalized on our errors and free passes.

We need to play our top baseball tomorrow facing the tough task in the USA. They are comprised of future major leaguers all playing the highest level of minor league ball. It will be a good test, and I think if we play our game we should have no problem playing with them if not even winning the game.

Again tomorrow, we play bright and early. I don't think it affected us today, as we were all up by about 6:30. It will be even earlier tomorrow because we are the home team so our batting practice is 45 minutes earlier.

I didn't have any action today, Bergman started and went 4 1/3, Cordemans relieved for 3 2/3, the Draijer threw the 8th. Taiwan being the home team did not need their at bats in the 9th.

Hopefully we come out a little hotter tomorrow and play a good game. Wish us luck!

Kingsale, our centerfielder, stretching and taking in the pregame festivities. They had these mini dragons and monkeys (people in costume of course just so that you don't think there were really monkeys on the field). It was entertaining, and very different. Chinese culture coming through in the baseball games

David Bergman (todays starter) preparing to deliver a pitch early in the game. We had a crowd of about 1500-2000 fans, about 98% of them cheering for the opposition

Some of the guys watching the ballgame in the dugout

Sharnol Adriana (first base) at bat against their starter, Chen. A lefty throwing 89-92 MPH, he kept us at bay all game

L -> R... Micheal Duursma (shortstop), Brian Englehaart (left field) and Yurendell deCaster (first base) all taking in the first Olympic game for us

Kind of a different scoreboard here, They show KMH, and MPH, also batters name and number, along with balls strikes and outs

Sidney getting the signs with one of their big guys at the plate

This is about the best artwork you'll see out of me in photographs, sorry.

Doping tests. They randomly select 1 or more guys after each game to test for banned substances. Raily was chosen today. The crappy part is, when they choose you, you cannot leave their sight until you pee for them. So these fella's were standing right next to Raily until he went with them finally

Final scoreboard, tough game, but we were never out of it


Arne said...

Hi Leon,

Just heard about your blog from your Mom when we were walking on the beach today.

You are doing a great job or recording all your baseball experiences and I must say that participating in the Olympics must be the icing on the cake.

Congratulations on your achievment. Enjoy the ride and good luck in competition.

Arne Pederson

Annette said...

Hey Leon!
Far away from those pitching days in your backyard...and never broke my windows! ha. ha...
Watching you closely and very proud of your accomplishments, blogs, pics..and of course, baseball. Where is your lovely wife during this time?
Keep up the great job,