Spectacular spectation

Like I write in the 'Golden Ticket' blog a couple back, I got tickets to the Track and Field events last night at 7, it was awesome, and something I'll never forget. We witnessed several different sports, including the highlight of the night, the men's 200 meter final where Bolt, the Jamaican, broke another world record.

We also saw women's hammer throw (some scary looking ladies in that one), men's 5000 meter heats, men's pole vault, men's 110 meter hurdles finals, and the men's 200 meter final. All together it was awesome to be there for the few hours it lasted, and definetely unforgettable.

Posing outside the Bird's Nest, it's something amazing, such a humungous breathtaking structure

Setting up for the 5000 meter race, these were just the heats, 14 guys running for 3 spots, there was lots of pushing and shoving going on in the pack

Men's 5000 meter race. It takes these guys about 13 minutes to run 5 km, or approximately 3 miles, that is rediculous. My fastest 2 miles was just under 12 minutes

A successful men's highjump attempt

I went to the Bird's Nest along with Dave Draijer who had the other ticket, he also had some pins (which I always seem to forget) and gave one to this pricelss little chinese girl in fron of us... she was working for a while to get it on her shirt, and finally was successful

Pre-race the Men's 200 meter. The crowd was huge, about 90,000 strong, cheering loudly, and the loudest for any Chinese participant of course. There are 2 big screens, one in Chinese (this one) and the other in English for all us english speaking folk.

The Jamaican sprinter, Usian Bolt, on the big screen right after he broke the Men's 200 meter sprint time. An Antillian got silver, one of the less then 10 athletes they sent, not bad for the Dutch colony.

I know, cliche. I had to.

The beautiful Water Cube, with the Bird's Nest in the background. The Olympic green in an amazing spectacle at night, so many amazing lights and sights.

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