The Great Wall

Yesterday morning 4 of us got up bright and early to head to the Great Wall off China. A 5000 km long wall built in the Ming Dynasty. It was breathtaking to see it and imagine how much work went into building this juggernaut structure. Unfortunately we went on a horrible weather day, it was pooring all morning and rained steadily all day long, inclusing some fog up at the wall.

It was about a 45 minute drive there, and we stayed at the wall for about an hour and a half, walking up it a ways, thenback down to enjoy a cappucino, and checking out the gift shop (bargaining shop pretty much).

It was a wet day, but definetely very worth it, check out some of the pictures...

Our first day off after competition, and we got up at 7 am to go, and woke up to monsoon rains. I was very close to shutting down the idea, and going the next day. It may have been a good idea since today (the next day) it's nice and sunny. Either way, I went, and my shoes were soaked and so was I before we even got on the bus to head there

The opening of the mountain where we got off the bus. This arc was the first thing we saw. Welcoming all the athletes to the great wall area

The first sight of the wall I had to pop a picture. Also the "One World One Dream" super-massive slogan on the hill for the Olympics was a neat addition to the experience

Walking the wall. This is Tiny, also David Bergman, and his father Frans Bergman went along, the umbrella's were very necessary...

Getting my Great Wall picture in. You can see the fog and limited visibility in the background. It was a bit of a hinderance in seeing the long distances, but we got a few breaks from the fog and tried to pop some pictures whenever that happened

The wall on the mountain across the way

The stairs (when there are stairs) are all over the place in distances between the two. A lot of the steep parts don't even have stairs, it's like walking up a very inclined hill (I'd compare it to Oxford in White Rock for those Vancouverites reading this)

Had to do it... this is me in one of the semi-dry-but-still misting moments


Anonymous said...

Hi Leon, I just wanted to let you know that Brian and I have been following your amazing Olympic adventure. We are very proud of you and your accomplishments, participating in the olympic games is pretty cool. Congratulations and enjoy the final days. Nancy Hoyano.

dean said...

Photo #6 is stunning. Miss you. xox.