Pro-Athletes / Celebrities I've seen

Over the past month I've seen a few big names in sports very close up. These are some people I've been quite close to...

Roger Federrer - Walked the flag out right by our dutch team in the opener
Dirk Novitski - Also a flag bearer
Novak Djokovic - Top 5 men's Tennis player in the world
Jelena Jancovic - #1 Ladies tennis player in the world
Kobe Bryant - Who doesn't know him... is more popular in china than USA
Lebron James - Next Micheal Jordan walked right by us with the other
Yao Ming - 7'6" Chinese super-hero
Jennie Finch - Top pitcher on Team USA softball
Jason Kidd - Top NBA star, Dream team point guard
Carmello Anthony - Another Dream team starter

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