Last day

So they cut our internet off today.

I'm in the international zone which is right next to the athletes village just to get a few minuntes of connection before we head out to the closing ceremonies. Not sure what is in store in the ceremonies tonight, but I am looking forward to it, and heading out tomorrow morning.

I will be keeping up the blog with a few posts from thelast couple days here that I haven't had a cchance to post like: The Holland Heineken House (party house for dutch people, I've got some good pics from there), closing ceremonies, more pics and travel... Also in the next month we are rolling in to the end of the dutch season, and playoffs. Should be good somegood baseball to report, stay tuned...

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MOM & DAD said...

Thanks for letting us see Beijing through your eyes Lee, we are spoiled now with daily entries... keep it coming!
Good flight home