No-hitter #2...

Today we threw a combined no-hitter vs. a Korean professional team. It was a tight game, as we won 2-1. After never being part of or throwing a no-no in my life, this is my second in a 2 month span. Crazy.
I went 6 innings, 68 pitches, then Diegomar Markwell, Michiel Van Kampen, and Loek Van Mil went 1 inning each scattering a few walks here and there, and even giving up a run in the 9th, but preserving the no-hitter. Personally I walked 1, and hit 2 batters, and had 3 or 4 k's, but overall had pretty good stuff.
There isn't much else I can say about this game, we played well, decent hitting on our part, okay baserunning and good pitching:)
I was able to get a teammate to pop a few pictures in the 4th inning, so I'll put them up here.

Tomorrow we play a pro team called the 'Police'. Should be interesting as we are starting a 18 year old kid who just joined the team who supposedly sits in the low 90's. We'll see tomorrow how things go, hope he'll bring the good stuff he was able to shut down Cuba with in The Haarlem Honkbalweek.

Now some pictures from the game

Dirk Van't klooster (right fielder)hydrating before the game

Former Major league head coach with the Blue Jays and Cardinals, our 3rd base coach and about the funniest guy I've ever met Jack Hubbard

Walking off after the last inning with Sidney de Jong (catcher)

Between innings, staying focused

A few pitching photo's, fairly good camera work Loek! Not bad for a 7 footer...


Jess said...

They have an interesting way of spelling your name, Bo yd(check score board) ;-)
Love to read your stories.
Grtz, yr cuz

Anonymous said...

Hello Leon,
Thanks for your comment ánd foto's. Now I can see what you are doing ánd what Loek is doing.
You had a very good start in this first game.
I wish you and your team all the best in Korea and in Beijing!!!
Carien van Mil, Loek's mother

MOM said...

Congrats to you and the boiz... you worked it,... well done!
Luke has been a good photographer, especially love the one of you with the mountain as a backdrop.

Keep the reporting up...we love it!


Anonymous said...

Do not be suprised to have poor internet usage...China is producing thousands of "internet police' every year...cannot keep up with use....Now they have to watch the Olympics...Have a good time ...Enjoy the experience....It does not happen every day...Uncle Gig... Sussex New Brunswick Canada