Our new toys, and practice

We received our bikes, and were all trying them out and whatnot. Since it's about a 10 minute walk to the bus, we all decided to innovate a little, and attach out roller bags to the bikes, they sounded like motor bikes on the bricks, but damn did they save us from pre-practice sweat.

The average Dutch building, and the outside. We are the only country where most of the athletes have bikes, what a suprise, the dutch riding bikes.

The Canadian team wrapping up their batting practice, when they were done it was our turn.

Some of the guys chatting, messing around, waiting for the canadians to finish up, so we could have our practice.

The Boys getting ready for practice today...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cuz,

All the best to you and your team! I can't imagine how amazing an experience this must be for you.

Keep the great posts coming.


amber-jade said...

Hey there, I am Ambra [eugene his girlfriend], I read your blog everyday..superbbb. Keep on writing!! Have a good time overthere and give my LIEFJE hihihi a big HUG!!

Go big ore Go home!!