The last blow

We had a long tournament. Despite all the downfall and hard luck, I still took it in as an amazing experience, and I think it will be one of the defining moments in my life.

The game, we lost, 10-0 in 8 innings, for our 5th shutout loss in our 6 losses. Bats were silent (4 hits) and the defence struggled some against a very talented Korean team. Enough about the game though. Time to start blogging about my experiences here and in the Olympics decline.

Couple shots of yesterdays game and whatnot...

Our last team photo. I would put everyones names on here, but that would take a bloody long time, so you'll just have to guess which one is me.

Exchanging pins with the Koreans pre-game

This is the only contact with families we are permitted, other then leaving the village on our own. Through a fence, for about 10 minutes after our games. This is Michiel Van Kampen talking some with his folks, they are in Beijing to see not just Michiel, but his sister Judith, who pitches for the softball team

We had about 10,000 people at our game, several hundred Netherlands fan, and the rest were cheering for Korea

Tiny stroking his first hit in his limited olympic playing time, also made an amzing grab in the outfield right before this

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