On the ol' gray matter

The last couple of days have rolled by, as slow as they possibly can. Just thinking about how we did this past weekend, what could have improved, what we did well... then realizing, there's no point in analizing anything other than my own perfomance. I can only control what I do on the field, and trust the rest of the team will do what they can.

Some negotiations with other teams in other leagues are starting to pop up here and there, and I'm finding myself in the middle of it. Which isn't so bad, but I'm finding out new information here and there about teams and people that I am glad to know, but realizing they may impede on the idea we were starting to derive for next season. I don't want to mention teams, names or euro amounts as I don't think that would be very professional of myself.

In the next few weeks before we take off, Shorty and I are going to be making some pretty big decisions, regarding next season for us, but we'll be starting by dealing with the next few months first.

Our plans are taking us back to Tulsa (not sure when yet, going to try and move our flight up a couple weeks from oct. 24), then we will post up there and get some stuff done for a couple weeks. After that the semi-x-country drive starts. We finally get to take Sunny (our 08' civic hybrid) for a road trip, and are heading to Vancouver for the winter. I'm looking forward to making in back to north america, and of course am looking forward to being with Jeana while she's with her family, but I can't wait to see my family and friends also.

We are heading to the gym shortly, and will do so practically every day until we go somewhere, or are heading home.
Sorry, no comedy in this post, just telling you what's on my mind...

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MOI said...

"Time for reflection" is always good, brings things in perspective.
Thanks for giving us the in depth journey of your Olympic experience, as well as your accounts of your baseball life and other interesting
bits... thoroughly enjoyed it ... keep up the good work, I am addicted now!