updownupdownupdown.... down...

Today was a rollercoaster, but both games went sour for us this weekend, knocking us out of the playoffs. Yesterday's game was close for 4-5 innings, and then we gave them 11 runs, and only had 3 hits ourselves. Today we pitched well, hit... more, and played a hell of a game defensively, but still wound up on the short end of a 3-2 decision.

This marks an early end to our season, it has shocked me already a couple of times since the game finished... this baseball season is over. For the past 2 seasons I've been playing ball in international tournaments up until the end of november, but this season my arm can rest for 2 extra months (which it won't).

This season was a unique one for myself, even though I'd say this year wasn't as good as last one, I can still say I had a good year. There were definetely highs and lows this season, high's being the no-hitter vs. Amsterdam in June, the combined no-hitter in Korea, and obviously participating the in the Beijing Olympic games. Some lows would be our level of play at the olympics, some of my sub-par post olympic outings, and not winning the championship (even though it hasn't even happened yet).

Overall, a solid year with good numbers, an olympic win, a marriage to my best friend, living in europe for free with my wife, Olympics, and tons more... you just have to read back a few months and blogs if you want to get more of a painted picture of my season.

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