Playoff game 1

We won. We hit the shit out of the ball, and ended up winning in 7 innings by the merci rule over the Amsterdam Pirates 11-1.

I pitched today, it was my time, I went all 7 innings 102 pitches, and did well enough to keep them to 1 run in the game. 4 k's, 5 hits, 3 hbp, and 2 walks...

Arm felt good, threw fairly well, a lot of balls in the middle of the plate, but my defence picked me up all day, with 0 errors... lots of ground balls, and that seemed to work out for me quite well.

If we win saturday and sunday we will be heading to the finals which is sweet... but means we will probably have a weekend off before the finals. If we lose either game this weekend, I will be going most likely next saturday at their place in a must win game. I am looking forward to that, but hopefully it won't get to that.

Offence picked it up today, and hit the shit out of the ball for me today, which was clutch. Even though I didn't have great stuff, we still did well enough to take this game.

Those guys were all about heckling today, which I don't mind, since I am a big fan of getting into you're opponents head. It didn't work for them... specially a couple of their guys who I know the best!! Love it.

Anyways, tomorrow looks like a gym visit, a delicious dinner then a game of squash with some teammates.


Kare said...

ahhh I miss squash!!!

FritZ said...

Hi Leon,

You beat Jos de Jong on the mound in almost every aspect of the game. You even threw more hbp, but still won the game. ;-)

Love to see you in all the 7 innings. I think that is really important, because now the team has all the other pitchers available for the two weekend games coming up.