The peskiest game ever

The game that was just rained out for tonight is just an annoying game. It's one we should win, playing the 3rd to last place team, but tonight marks the 4th time this game has been rained out.

It was originally scheduled for the 17 of july, that fell through due to rain, then, it was moved to that next tuesday before the departure of the Olympic team.
I started that one (which was delayed an hour, then we played 1 inning before being delayed another 1:30), and it was called after being at the field a rediculous amount of time for 1 inning.

So they moved it to last night, again... rain. Tonight, we were more fortunate than last, it rained hard this afternoon drowning the field and calling the game off before anyone even left their houses (well most people, sorry Bengi, Tiny, and Barry).

It's now on for friday, I don't know the forcast, but I'm going to go ahead and expect rain.

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