Adventures of a hell-of-a-sister...

This is my Sister. I recently recieved this and just felt it was a blogworthy picture showcasing my beautiful sister in a part of the beautiful Canadian Rocky mountains a couple of weeks ago. She is on her 2and a half week adventure in Croatia. Her + turquois water + amazing sights + nice weather = 2 and a half crazy, picture taking, enjoying wine on a terrace at 1 pm weeks... Love you Nadine, hope you're enjoying it.


FritZ said...

Amazing picture!

MOM said...

Thanks Fritz, my little Cameron "point and shoot" camera is doing a great job ... then again, you can't take any bad pictures in the Rocky Mountains!
I am sure that the"solo travelling girl", who has just taken 5oo photos in the first week of her Croatia trip,... will bring home some pics which may exceed in beauty the one taken of her in the Rockies.
The world has amazing sights to see and photograph, that's for sure!
Good luck Leon for your first game in the play-offs this thursday!

FritZ said...

Hi Mom.

I agree, you can't take a bad picture in the Rockies!

We were there once on you honeyonn bakc in 2003 and it was really fantastic.

@ Leon:
I hope for a win this Thursday! I will be there @ Familiestadium to support you and the team. My first visit this season, finally!

MOM said...

Must be a new make ...
"Cameron" cameras?!
I think my fingers went faster on the keyboard typing that word than the shutterspeed of my "Canon" camera can open and close ..ha ha!

dean said...

I hadn't even seen this picture yet! I like being in big places; they make me look small, and my camera even smaller. I guess most people want things to look bigger. Not me.

I'm home. I missed you terribly and wish that the Holland airport was in your living room so I could have seen you guys for a beer and a hug.

Love love love,

dean said...

PS: Who needs to wait until 1 PM for wine?

I had it with breakfast.