Night out with a huge Aussie

2 sunday's ago (9 days) was the last game on our league schedule. We had the upstairs bar at the field opened up by the boss (the guy who ays the bills) and we allowed the whole team up there to drink for free for a couple hours. With a large bar, tons of beer, wisky and cola we were set for a little. Most of us stayed there for about an hour then headed out. Jeana and I had some dinner at the house, then made out way our to our watering hole, Breakaway Cafe. They offer a huge place, some food (burger's, Nacho's, cheese sticks (the basic healthy bar food)), 6 pool tables upstairs (that's what sells us every time) and a staff we have gotten to know quite well.

We met up with Roo (Dushan Ruzic) our 6'8", 270 pound Australian closer to play some pool and just chill some. He's a good guy, bit of eccentric personality but overall a good guy. Good enough that I am taking this guy to a Dutch headclass voetbal match tonight (soccer game). I received 2 tickets to a Feyenoord soccer game for tonight from my catcher and former Olympic roommate Tiny (go back to august posts to learn more about this fella). For his birthday gift I had Jeana bring 12 cans of dip (chew tobacco) from the states. So he deccided to get back to me for my birthday with 2 tickets to a Feyenoord game since I told him about how I hadn't seen one yet, despite all my family history with this team and this stadium. Since Jeana is not a huge fan of soccer or being in that environment for a prolonged time I'm going to have a guys night. Going to drink a couple beers, and heckle some soccer players tonight.

Here's some pics from that sunday night a couple weeks back...

Jeana and Me in the upstairs bar at the field. Apparently I have British teeth since I'm living in europe...

Jeana some of my coaches wives enjoying themselves, probably talking about Jeana's hair. This was the first time in a couple month's (since she got a haircut) that Jeana straightened her hair, so almost everyone asked her about it it she got it cut, it was funny

Few of the guys. L -> R Andy Leer (outfield), Roo (squatting pitcher), Adonis Kemp (first base/ourfield coach), Fox (3rd basecoach/ BP machine), yours truly

Jeana and I outside about to catch a bus or something that same night

At Breakaway, this is Tyrone, a real nice barkeep that always gives us free stuff, and is cool as sh*t to chat with. Did I mention this guy KNOWS how to make a Jaggerbomb.

Roo Jeana and Roo's upsidedown pay check for the month I guess..

This was outside a place called Coconuts, a hip hop/ R&B club, we never went in but enjoyed the place from the ouside, including Jeana getting artsy with the camera and us being jack-asses and posing like this

Me and my beautiful wife


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