A couple beatings, A flood out, A sister in eastern Europe, and A big day

Today's game has been cancelled, for the 6th time. 6. Seriously, this same game has been moved to it's 7th start time. Serious. Tomorrow night, see if it'll happen.

The weekend was successful and engouraging. We won 8-0, and 12-0 over HCAW, one of the lower seeded teams in league play right now, but still, we are looking stronger and stronger getting close to the playoffs. Coming into our last week we sit in 2nd, and will likely end there unless somehow the top team faulters horribly for their standards.

I am slated to pitch thursday, which I can now write since everyone around here knows I am the thursday guy for Neptunus. Also, it was a no-no to write that during the Olympics since the starters were not being confirmed until 1 hour prior to gametimes.

On a random note, I would like to send some love out to my sister who has just started a 2 week quest for amazingness in beautiful Croatia. She's travelling solo, and is loving it I'm sure. Just want to wish her good luck on all her excursions, and enticing experiences to come in the next couple of weeks.

Time to go get some sushi in downtown Rotterdam to Celebrate Jeana and my 6 month anneversary. Our first semi-big milestone, only 100 more of these and we'll be golden :)

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dean said...

Happy sixers you guys!!!