Stumping Sparta

I finally got them.

It took 3 tries, but I got'em. This was my 3rd start of the season at Sparta, the previous 2 turned into a no decision for me which we lost, and the other we were shutout 2-0.

Thursday was a very nice day, since looking at the forcast this morning it definetely looks like the last day of the year we get temps in the upper 20's, maybe even 20's altogether. It was so nice and humid that a massive line of thunderstorms had evolved in Begium somewhere, and was due to take us out around 7:30 pm. We saw it coming, the sky got black, fast, and then windy and then lightening strikes all over in the distance. But, it never hit us, it stayed off giving us a shot at a nice warm thursday evening ballgame.

We won, 8-1, offence came through big again today. They have been on fire since our last loss, scoring 61 runs in our past 6 games. My arm felt good and I went out and just went after their guys. Here's the line on me last night=
I ended up with 99 pitches in 7 innings, 8 K's, 0 BB, 0 HBP (first time I haven't hit or walked anyone in a game in quite some time) 1 ER, 5 hits (4 bleeding singles might I add), and I'm sure Jeana wants me to inform you I had 2 errors, yes I did. First one was a messed up pickoff, I threw it by Jeffrey the 1st baseman, but the guys didn't score so it was ok. The other was a broken bat jamshot and the ball came to me like a little bunt, I picked it up, lineup my body and threw... about 15 feet wide, the f-ing ball was soaked from the grass, and I threw him a 2 base error. Only my 3rd and 4th error in 26 games here, so I guess I was bound to mess up at some point. I sort of made up for it with a pickoff in the 4th.

Roo (aussie closer) cleaned up the last 2 innings.

We have clinched 2nd spot in the playoffs out of 4 teams, with a very outside chance of first (if the top team falls twice in 2 games this weekend), not going to happen though.

I should be getting game 1 of the playoffs, that start this thursday for round 1. Looking forward to it... I'll keep you updated.

Correction= I did hit a guy in the game, but it didn't count at a HBP because on the way up and in fastball, he swung all the way around and it hit him right in the middle of the chest. Umpires got together and got the rule right that we was out for singing and missing a 3rd strike. It was funny as anything to see, I've never had that happen to me before.

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Dutchie Boyd said...

Congrats on this final win over Sparta-Feyenoord.
I liked your correction where you wrote:"Umpires got together and got the rule right that he was out for singing and missing a 3rd strike"

That was so funny, I never knew you could be out for singing...priceless