Finally Bday pictures...

I know I know... I know, I know, I know...... I know.

It's almost been a month since we took pics on my saturday night birthday out, and I'm finally posting a couple, deal with it, I'm a semi-busy guy.

My cousins Jessica and Daniel hanging out with us on my bithday. They live about 20 minutes away, and have become somewhat of baseball fans in the past couple seasons.

Kevin and Deborah (one of Neptunus' starting pitchers). Along for a couple drinks and a good time.

Jeana and me trying to dance some, but failing since we didn't know the songs... dutch.

Okay so stop #3 on our night took us here, an Irish pub... we walk in, it's packed, get some drinks and head to the live music. They start of with some classic covers, at an Irish pub you'll expect this and we were liking it, but I wasn't expecting to hear all the Dutch music they started playing after. It caught me off guard, and there's no way I'm going to dance to music I don't understand, and has crappy melodies...Normally Irish pub = English tunes! right??

Cousin's again, enjoying the evening, haven't seen them since, must not have had a good time that night ;-) Just kidding guys

My wife sipping in a margarita, one of her favorites for sure

Jurrjen Van Zijl (another Neptunus pitcher) and his date for the night. It's okay though, he's not far off having another girlfriend, he just needs to show off his dance moves more to girls and they'll melt

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