Back on track

I pitched last night and we won by mercy rule 11-1 over the last place team ADO. It went a whole lot better than it did in last thursday's game. I threw a complete game (7 innings) and needed 79 pitches, 5 k's, no walks and a hit by pitch. Overall it was a solid outing, we had great defence, tons of offence and help from the other teams defenders didn't hurt.

This was he first game in a string of 4 games in 4 days (unheard of in the Dutch pro league), and we play the 3rd to last place team HCAW, so we should take 3 from them, but you still have to play the game. In baseball I've learned anything can happen on any given day. One of my coaches right now never hesitates to remind me of a baseball quote 'the ball is round' - Foxy.

Some shots of me in action from last nights road game...

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