New month - New chapters unfolding

Happy october.

Over the past few days I've noticed via listening to a Vancouver radio station online, and through a internet homepage that give the current weather in Oklahoma, Rotterdam, and Vancouver that Vancouver is enjoying 28 degree sun during the days this week.

In Holland, we were greeted by october early this morning. Both Shorty and I were woken up by such a terrential downpoor/blustery storm that we thought the single pane glass that embraces every wall in our 4th floor bedroom might be in jeopardy for the first time. Welcome to falls' most stereotypical month. Rain, wind, cool, it's that simple here.

Got some stuff to do today. This involves getting dressed in something very comfortable and warm soon... walking to the field with Shorty (despite random downpoors still)... talking with the boss about next year... throwing long toss with Shorty (how many husbands can say they throw long toss and flatground bullpens to their wife?)... and later on relaxing after a hot shower and watching some Heroes season 3 and maybe the Olympic opening ceremony (bought it on DVD in the airport on the way out of China) which I haven't even seen yet.

Keep your eyes peeled for my sister's blog (Deanink). she said she was about to post some pictures from her 3 week solo adventure in Croatia... and I guess got some great shots, and had some amazing adventures I'm sure.

Time to get warm, and prepare for October.

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