My greatest catch ever

Last night it happened. After about 2000 practices and over 1200 lifetime game it finally happened.

I made the best catch of my life.

I knew it was coming, I've had a couple pretty good ones in my life, but last night topped them all.

When I say catch, that means any kind of reception of a ball, be it in the oufield robbing a homerun, making a daving play in while playing catch at practice, some kind of way of catching it extraordinarily.

How it happened:
I had just finished up my running for the practice, and most pitchers do their running and head in, but we can also help with shagging (catching the balls and throwing them in for batting practice). I usually do the latter, I don't mind helping out the hitters and catching some.
I went ahead and starting shagging in left field, and lined up next to Mike Bazuin (rookie 3rd baseman) and I just was joking around with him about robbing a homerun, but knowing almost that this would certainly never happen.
Derrick Francisca (outfield) was hitting and took 2 big hacks lining balls into the gap, then he hit one deep to left where we were and Mike caught it on the warning track. I told him the next is going out. It was, then I caught it... I couldn't believe my coordination and jumping ability right then. I've seen it done in highlight reels my whole life, the guy jumping halfway over a fence to rob a homerun. It's not easy though... the timing, the fence height, the trajectory of the ball (starting to sound like my dad).
Anyways, I got up and aver the 9 foot fence (2 1/2 meters for the Dutchies or Belgies reading this) and brought a homerun back.

That was last nights practice. Did I mention the team was looking good, and that's good to see with the playoffs starting on thursday at home we are looking strong, and everyone it looking forward to playing.


FritZ said...

So the only question for tomorrow's line up for Eric de Bruin is:

Leon Boyd SP or Leon Boyd LF


Dutchie Boyd said...

Neptunus has been escalating in strength and confidence, nice change from last year!I think you will have an amazing pitching outing Lee, with a strong defense behind you! The game is yours,you have what it takes
Oh, by the way Fritz, ... can we switch places for a few days, so I can see the thursday game?

MOM said...

Oh Lee, did I mention that catch sounds like it should have been on NOS TV!
You proved the point that when a player is focused but relaxed, the mind/body knows what to do and great performances happen!