Start of 2-a-days...

It's a good thing I didn't take any pictures today. I guess I can't complain since it's free, but our connection is absolutely the slowest thing ever! To download and then upload pictures onto the blog took a very very very very very long time yesterday, resulting in no captions for the photo's (most don't need captions luckily).

Today, my blog hits have begun to climax, nearly as they did during the Olympics, I'm guessing that's due to our team nearing the World Baseball Classic, and my hopeful participation in that tournament (yes, I am superstitious, and don't like to jinx things). Just to let you know, I will do my best to keep it updated, and give you some kind of upadate daily, an pictures as much and as many as possible.

Today, we woke up to the expectation of rain during the day at some point. The coaches found out it was supposed to hit around 2:30 pm. So instead of having the pitchers throw in the afternoon workouts to live batters, they moved that up into our morning practice. 7 of the 14 pitchers that are currently practicing with us threw about 30 pitches to our own batters today. It went well, despite us having to let the hitters know what exact pitches we were throwing, many of our guys were right around the plate. We went out for our afternoon workout, and exactly as predicted, it pored rain. So most of our afternoon batting practice and pitcher fielding practice was rained out.

The guys are enjoying their time here thus far, despite and uneasy feeling for many guys as they have to make final cuts on Sunday and send 7-9 guys home. I outlined how our roster should look (via players per position) a few posts back, and everyone is anxiously awaiting the Sunday cuts. While we are enjoying our time here, there are 2 pool tables, and a ping pong table that I haven't seen open since I've been here. By the way, we have a some amazing ping pong slayers on our team, I didn't even know, some of the guys are almost this good; The guy in blue is the best in the world.

That's about it for today, time to hit the hay, and do it all again tomorrow. Baseball is life, the rest (except family) is just details, right dad?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, baseball is life... at least it has been for some years now. Good to hear you are enjoying yourself in Florida, and working hard. It will pay off at some point... hard work towards a lofty goal usually does. Good luck to you and the Dutch team Lee, we'll see you soon.