Rotterdam, Hollands' Vancouver

From an outsiders view, I've learned to appreciate this city in the following way.

-> As racially and ethnically diverse and Vancouver (meaning about 80% non-dutchies).

-> Everyone speaks english fluently which is great for us.

-> A widespready city, with a very small skyline.

-> Bikelanes EVERYWHERE! Meaning you need to triple check L + R before you go and/or turn.

-> Some of the best drivers in the world, on the highways, parking lots are a different crazy world.

-> One of the greatest (and most expensive) outdoor shopping strips in the world.

-> Some of the best baseball in Europe, actually that's more all of Holland.

-> The crappiest cable television lineup in the world. Only the english comedy central comes out past 8 pm, which is semi-worth watching.

-> They have an Ikea, making them, for the most part, a smart, elegant city.

-> Without clouds, Rotterdam can sport some of the most amazing sunsets.

-> 62 coffeeshops for all the stoners, rappers and hippies out there.

-> Meer Coots in every pond and park.

-> No buskers downtown, suprisingly.

-> 2 Dutch headclass football teams (Soccer).

-> Sketchy middle eastern neighborhood's, where I fit in now that I have a mini-dark beard.

-> Raising bridges everywhere, listen and watch for the alarms, or you have a huge jump ahead of you.

-> Every first monday of the month an air bomb attack siren test at noon.

-> Some of the longest staring people ever, Shorty and I have learned to just stare back until they look away.

-> Some of the nicest and most helpful strangers in the world.

Here's some pics from tonights sunset out of my single pain, 4th floor apartment window here in Rotterdam...

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Jess said...

Oke oke oke... I know that compared to Canadian and American cities, Rotterdams skyline is small. But did you know that Rotterdam is the ONLY city is Holland with a real skyline?? So you better be proud of it! ;-)
Oh and Rotterdam has no Ikea! Cities surrounding Rotterdam have, but Rotterdam itself hasn't.