Nederland vs. University of South Florida pictures

Shagging for batting practice at USF

Batting practice, heavy air last night = just a couple dingers compared to a lot of dingers

Ponson has pitched in the major leagues for several clubs over about a 10 year span. He was sharing with us his whole routine from eating carbs on gameday to his workout program. It was very informative just listening to him going over his 5 days repetitive routine.

Randall Simon during pregame getting some pitches in for some reason. In the background, USF doing a team prayer, which I haven't seen since I played at Seminole State CC in Oklahoma (the bible belt) where we had a prayer before every game that year.

It was a beautiful night in Tampa, Florida. They brought out a decent crowd, including some very good hecklers who were all over Randall Simon right off the bat...

Starter Sydney Ponson battling in the first

Last nights right fielder Danny Rombley, never shy around a camera...

Post game meal provided at USF. Gave us a chance to relax some after the game, mingle briefly with the college players, and get some pretty good grub

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