2 things that made my day ...

1. I recieved an early (albeit 1 day) valentine's day card from my wife, which was a sweet thing since I haven't seen her in almost 2 weeks. It was a very very funny card, very personalised and included a solid inside joke which I laughed about quite hard when I first opened it. Thanks again Honey.

2. I had a very enlightening conversation with a guy I've only actually played with in 2 games. Roger Bernadina is taking off tomorrow to persue his goal of playing ball in the majors, and has been working out 6 days a week for the past 4 months at the same gym where I workout. He is on the Dutch National Team, but has already chosen not to participate in the World Baseball Classic because he is on the 40 man roster with the Washington Nationals. He has to fight for a spot on the team this spring with 8 other outfielders. Roger couldn't be a nicer guy. He was so positive about this year, very realistic, and sounded so hungry for not just a shot at the bigs, but a career at that level. I wish him all the best in his major league endeavors.

Honorable mentions=

>Getting a message from my wonderful sister.

>Biking my farthest on the stationary bike at the gym on a harder level than ever.

>Having an overall really good workout.

>Hearing from my mom (despite her being sick).

>Shorty recieving my flowers that I ordered online which I was totally unsure if it would be there on time, or even ever get sent.

>My first Heineken since I've been in Holland.

>A priceless early morning call from my wife.

>Being alive.

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What a lovely little list.