Road Trip Repeat

Well, we are crazy. We drove over 5500 miles (over 9000 km) on the way to and from Vancouver from Tulsa... and to Tulsa also, I, guess. 2 times the same trip in 3 months... yes, crazy... but awesome. Unfortunately but understandably my sister couldn't join us for this trip like she did in on the first trip, but we managed to somehow pull ourselves together and make it without her.

Shorty and I headed out January 22, and arrived on the 28th in Tulsa. We followed pretty much the same route as we had on the initial trip north, except for the trip through Las Vegas and Death Valley. Shorty and I had a solid pace going, we drove approximately 550 miles a day, except for splurging on a 700 mile day in the middle of the trip. I'll break our days down...

Day 1: White Rock, BC - Oakland, Oregon
Day 2: Oakland, Oregon - Modesto, California
Day 3: Modesto, California - Kingman, Arizona
Day 4: Kingman, Arizona - Tucumcari, New Mexico
Day 5: Tucumcari, New Mexico - El Reno, Oklahoma
Day 6: El Reno, Oklahoma - Dewey, Oklahoma

Day 1 included a swift and smooth boder crossing, followed by fog for a couple hours, a 10 degree temperature drop in a 3 mile span, Portland traffic hour and a diner that stayed open for us at 8:30 pm for dinner next to the hotel we were staying in... with about the best food you can ask for from a diner.

Day 2 was full of mountain driving, mt. Shasta (a ginormous peak 5 miles off the highway in northern cali), throwing with Shorty at a rest stop, and staying at the nicest hotel of the trip (mariott courtyard), and some de-freakin-licious Olive garden for dinner.

Day 3's drive immediately brought us into some of the most beautiful hills in California (where we took about 500 pictures). It was one of the more boring drives through desert and whatnot, but just driving with Shorty made it an enjoyable experience. We ate at the same seafood/mexican restauraunt (yea interesting mix), just this little hole in the wall we ate at 3 months earlier and looooooved the food. The biggest 5 dollar Burrito's in USA for sure.

Day 4 was a long day, many miles, and a few stops, lots of desert, and cacti, and roadkill, and naps, and energy drinks....

Day 5 we woke up to the coldest temperature of the whole trip, 17 farenheit (-9 C). We drove to the world famous "Big Big Texan Steakhouse Ranch" and had some amazingly tantilizing food there, that's when the roads started to get really bad, one we reached the Oklahoma state line the roads got really really really bad, I'm talking a plain looking road covered in a sheet of 1/2 inch thick clear ice. Over this day and the next we counted the amount of accidents we saw.
Cars off the road= 32
Cars flipped over= 4
Semi's flipped over= 3
Cars we actually witnessed go off the road= 4

Day 6 we had to stay in El Reno, only a normal 2 hour drive from Shorty's family home in Dewey Oklahoma, but we decided our lives were much more important than putting them in danger with horrible driving conditions. Vancouver with snow on the roads is nothing compared to what we drove through this day. A 2 hour drive became 5 1/2 because of us going 30 MPH in 75 MPH zones. We made it though.

We kept ourselves busy with XM radio and it's 250 channels, maps, GPS, talking, napping, planning, and other stuff.

Road trip final stats=

2700 Miles
126$ on gas (I love you hybrid)
1 great time with my wife on the road

I definetely suggest a roadtrip...

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you know who said...

Ahhh, what a great and detailed account of what sounds like a fast driven[ except for the 50km/h in a 100km zone], but nevertheless great trip for 2!
I am just starting to get into checking your blog more often, ... got spoiled having you around here all the time.