Day 1

We had our first workout as a nearly complete team today here in Bradenton, Florida. It was about 25 degrees and sunny during our 3 hours 2-5 pm practice. Tomorrow we step it up to 2 practices a day, going at 9 am and 2 including pitchers going live against some hitters. BP looked pretty good today with some guys destroying ball already on day 1 outside, which is always promising to see.
The coaching staff is all coming together with 22 year major league superstar Bert Blylenven as our pitchcing coach. We were notified that the final cuts will be made on the sunday the 22nd because they need to have the final roster ready for submission on the 24th.
Here's some pics of day 1 (not the workout, the camera gets a rest during practice time due to me trying to make the team, and not needing to look like a tourist).


the Canadian entourage said...

Sure looks like the real thing.

Enjoy that nice sunshine... it always loosens those muscles and joints!
We are all just a few days behind you..., can't wait.

Go Get EM.

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy,

enjoy yourself and say hi to the boys for me...

theoddbod said...

wow, I've actually heard of bert blyleven!