Spring training, Pittsburgh vs. Atlanta

Spring training baseball, it's a wonderful thing. There are two spots in the USA for all the 30 MLB teams to get their month of spring training in, either youthful up and coming Cactus league in Arizona, or the old timers dominated Grapefruit league in southern Florida. Since we are in the middle of the Grapefruit league here at Pirate City, we had an early morning practice today and travelled just down the road to take in the Pirates against Atlanta Braves game. There were some big names participating in the game, suprisingly to me, and we enjoyed 80 degree weather (27 celcius) and a good game. We had a good time, and I took a couple shots during the game...

L->R Pim (background), Me (beautiful double chin camera angle), Vince Rooi and Berry Van Driel taking in the ball game

This is Pedro Alvarez. I pitches against him 2 summers ago when he was playing for the USA national collegiate team. I threw 6 scoreless innings in my start giving up 2 hits... both to this guy. He was the 2nd pick overall in last years draft, and should make it to the big leagues this season, or next at the latest 2010, watch out for this guy

Chipper Jones. I wasn't really expecting him to show and play in this game, but he was there and actually hit a 2-run bomb in this at bat. He led the majors last year in batting average, hitting .365 on the season.
We played on this field a couple days earlier vs. the Korean team, very nice field surface and mound
Me and my room mate Martijn Meeuwis enjoying the shade and a nice breeze

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