Creating a memorable journey

Hey there, it's a beautiful Sunday here in Dewey Oklahoma, and I'm sore. I guess I took to many huge hacks yesterday trying to take down the old asbestos filled walls of the shed I wrote about yesterday.

Anyways, we are working, albeit slowly but surely, on builing our semi-cross country road trip we are embarking on in around 2 weeks. We are planning to get half the driving done in the first day or two, and enjoying the rest of the trip over the next week or so. It's looking promising that a special someone may meet us around the day 2-3 mark of the trip. We are really looking forward to the trip now. My sister is in the preliminary stages of planning to join us for the trip home. I'm excited, Shorty's excited, and so is my sister, we would have good times for sure. We'll be driving in our Honda Civic hybrid, and are hoping to only have to gas up once... but I think it will be more like 6 times.

Anywho... time to go visit Jack, my borther-in-law and his family for some pool, dinner and game 7 of the ALCS (american league championship series). Just another rediculous comeback by the Boston Red Sox.


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