Gettin' ready to head...

We're heading out tuesday morning on our 5000 KM, 45 hour drive trip home to White Rock. We're meeting up with my sister in Vegas on thursday, and are currently working on creating a rough draft of our figure it out as we go trip. Today was dominated by packing, cleaning the car, watching the world series (starting in about 5 minutes), and more packing. We're pumped to go, and see a lot of stuff, things, and places we have never seen.

We have 3 atlas's redy to go for this trip, just incase 2 fail, you never know. We are currently working on ironing out our rough schedule for this 8 day trip,

I've lost count of what day the beard is on, but no big deal, I've trimmed it already because it was turning into a wiry bird's nest all over my face and neck. It's now a well groomed sexy thing.

Keeping s list for the border with all that's in what so they don't give us crap about not being prepared to bring all our stuff across.

My suitcase is about 3428799 pounds, filled with all my shoes, and other random heavy stuff.... It will be taking up the backseat, and we're even going to buckle it in.

My mother-in-law drove our civic hybrid while we were in Holland, and now that were taking it with us, she went out and got a new one because she liked it so much. Her's isn't a hybrid, but is a brand new '09 where ours is an '08... but after we washed it cleaner then when we got it, it's as good as a 2010 version. Damn right.

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