Coming up...

86 degrees, sun, huge cowboy posting up against a building, the Bellagio, and potentially some amazing couple days over Halloween in Vegas. We then move onto a couple national parks in eastern Cali, San Francisco, wine tastings in northern Cali, Oregon coast, parks, massive trees, mountains, Portland clubs, I-5.... and so much more.

My sister is joining us around 2:30 today in Vegas for the rest of our trip. We have made it nearly 1300 miles over the past 2 days seeing the Grand canyon, a La Quinta Inn in Albuquerque, the best Borrito's I've ever experienced at a little seafood/mexican place across the street from us here in Kingman Az, and some of the stranger restaurant experiences ever.

Time to head an hour or two north over the Hoover dam (I'm gonna check if they really have the frozen Transformer in it), and onto Las Vegas for a night in the Bellagio (Oceans 11,12,13), and plan to just walk the strip and watch the fountains for hours and hours...

Time to check out and get this trip really going.

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Anonymous said...

I am sooooo jealous!! Sounds like a great trip.

Greetz, your cousin Jess