2009 World Baseball Classic

We're heading back. In February the Netherlands team is planning to head to Florida for a 2 week training period before the 2ND ever WBC. The tournament is the real world series. All the best players in the world playing with their countries on their chest. It's divided into 4 1st round pools, held in Mexico, Toronto, Japan, and ours, which will be in Puerto Rico. March 7-11 marks the start of this very very competitive tournament, specially because this time around it's a double knockout format. We are in a pool with perennial powerhouses Puerto Rico, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. All those teams will feature rosters comprised of major league stars, ours will have 4 or 5.

I can't wait to get an opportunity to get some big leaguers out, and if they do hit a bomb off me... their major leaguers, their supposed to, ha ha... It should be a nice trip, specially because they pay for spouses to come out and stay with their husbands during the tournament, awesome.

I'm pumped, just have to keep the arm in shape in the Canadian winter, which I've done before. I just have to throw around the raindrops.


Patti G. said...

Leon, I have no idea how you happened upon my blog....thanks for the pumpkin compliment! :0)
But, WOW, you and your wife sound to be in for a fantastic trip with your TEAM and you are pitcher---I hope that your team rocks it! Good luck to you and enjoy the experience! Good for you!

theoddbod said...