Growing a beard in a middle of the road chapter

I haven't shaven since the day after we lost to Amsterdam, screw it, shaving is overrated. My wife doesn't mind, I have no one to impress right now, so screw it.
We're probably in the best shape we've been in since being Holland, so even with that, I still look like a tree-huggin hippy though. Which is kind of what you're supposed to look like in a period that Shorty and I are in. We have nothing to do right now, a luxury a large percentage of the world would wish to be in instead of what they have. We live with no restrictions, like this saturday night, we're going to stay at a 4star hotel, for no reason. We don't mind all that much at the time being, Shorty is somehow turning science into art, and working on expanding on her new tattoo creation she's got going on over her back. I'm working on emails with teams in other countries and cooking dinner at the same time.

We finally ended up having to book our own flight home for the 14th last night. It should have been moved a week or more ago, but some important people dropped the ball on the change. We're looking forward to heading back west, first to Tulsa for a couple of weeks to be with Shorty's family, and then driving to Canada from there. Time for some Canadian beer, and hockey?? oh yea.


Anonymous said...

Hockey ??? What is that ???


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